12FT 12ft Premium Trampoline Pads

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One of the highest specification pads available in the UK. Incredibly durable so we offer a three year warranty. find out more
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  • Quality - One of the highest specification pads available in the UK
  • Thick Foam - 25mm foam, fully cushions the user
  • Extra Wide - 36cm wide - covers up to an 8.5'' spring
  • Robust - Can be left out all year
  • Durable - Can be left out all year
  • Long Warranty - Three year warranty - longest for domestic trampolines!
  • Standard or Premium? Compared to the standard range, these pads have a thicker foam insert as well as PVC covarage on the top and the bottom making this product more durable

Performance & quality

alt text Why Do I Need Padding On My Trampoline? Trampoline pads are essential to keep users safe when using the trampoline. The padding sits over both the springs and the metal frame of the trampoline. Trampoline pads also help to protect the springs from weather damage, which helps to them to last longer.
alt text High Quality Materials These standard trampoline pads are made of high grade 20mm EPE foam. EPE stands for Expandable Polyethylene, a damp-proof foam with good cushioning properties. The covering on the top of the pads is 0.35mm UV resistant PVC and the bottom has a woven mesh mix. These pads will not be affected by any weather extremes and will not fade or discolour when left out in the sunlight.
alt text How Do I Attach The Pads To My Trampoline?? To attach your new trampoline pads to your trampoline, lay the pads onto your trampoline so they are covering the springs. The pads come complete with toggles, which attach to the trampoline frame as shown.

Specification & warranty

Standard Premium Commercial
Manufacturer Capital Play Capital Play Capital Play
Warranty 2 years 3 years 4 years
Foam Thickness 20mm 25mm 25mm
Padding Width 33cm 36cm 36cm
Pad Covering 0.35mm PVC top and woven mesh bottom 0.55mm thick PVC top and bottom 0.7mm thick PVC top and bottom
12ft Premium Trampoline Pads - SKU: KGPA160/P-12-P3I


Instructions will be provided in the box. Installation should take around 10 minutes.