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Trampoline Mats

Made from Grade A Polypropylene, we are confident that we offer the
highest quality and broadest range of replacement trampoline mats anywhere
in the UK. Each mat or jump bed as they are also known has 8 rows of stitching,
ensuring that there is little chance of the metal ‘ D ‘ rings coming off, a common
complaint where inferior trampoline mats are concerned.

Please ensure that you order the right size and spring count of mat for your trampoline.

Trampoline mats need replacing for a variety of reasons. Bearing in mind that the mat is the one bit of a trampoline that really matters (it is the bit that you bounce on!) it is well worth ensuring that your jump mat is in good condition. Though a mat may not fail or break, they will over time stretch, especially if they have had a lot of use by older children. As you will appreciate a stretched and saggy mat is not going to perform as well as a new one. Mats are made from a cross-weave material, so though very strong, the threads will stretch over time. Once saggy it will need replacing.

Another common reason for needing to replace a jump mat is that the rings that hold on the springs have come away from the mat. These cannot be re-stitched back on and without them, the spring cannot be attached. Our mats feature 8 rows of heavy duty stitching and over the past 4 years of using our current factory we have not had a single case of a ring coming off a jump mat. As well as the quality of the thread used, if the machine operator is not skilled, the stitching will not be as it should be, affecting the strength of the sewing.

The most regular failure of a trampoline mat is when the mat is burnt by a bonfire, cigarette or firework. If this occurs the mat will need replacing as there is an obvious health and safety risk associated with users jumping on a faulty mat.

When our website refers to for example a ‘10ft trampoline mat for 64 x 7” springs’ you need to check that this specification is correct for your trampoline. 10ft does not refer to the size of the jump mat, but the size of the trampoline that it fits. The mat itself will only measure about 8ft in diameter. The 10ft measurement is the overall diameter of the trampoline, measured from the edge of the steel frame. The spring count in this instance is 64. Some 10ft trampolines will have 56 springs and others 72. So though 64 is the most common spring count, it will not always be the case. Most trampolines use a 7” long spring, but about 10% use a 5.5” spring and 5 % use 8.5’’ springs. So you need to check how long your springs are. When measuring, measure right from tip to tip. Bear in mind that if your springs are old and have been used a great deal, they may well have slightly stretched so a 7” spring may well measure 7.5” and so on.

Customers often ask whether their trampoline mat needs covering over the winter in order to protect it. Obviously if you cover your trampoline it can only help to prolong its life span but polypropylene is very tough so we do not deem a winter cover to be essential. Faulty workmanship and accidental damage are by far and away the main reasons for needing to replace a trampoline mat.

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